How do you live in the Present?

live in the present

The first step in how to live in the present moment is to not multitask!

Live in the present, we all know that multitasking will get more things done at once, but how tiresome do you feel after working on up to 5 things at once? Also, juggling a couple of duties makes it tough to stay withinside the present moment. While doing something that calls for your complete interest can appear overwhelming at first, be aware of how effective you’re whilst completely engaging on just one assignment. Compare this with squeezing in a couple of matters into a one-time frame or spending 1/2 of your energy on 3 extraordinary projects.

If you are working on something, deliver all your interest to that task. When you discover yourself considering different matters or checking your phone due to the fact you do not experience doing the assignment at hand, forestall and flip that attention again to what is in front of you. Research indicates that whilst you are completely centered on what is taking place at that moment, you could don’t forget info within a long period of time.

live in the present moment by focusing one just one thing
“The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time.” – Mozart

The second step to take into consideration to live in the present is – Be grateful for what you have now

We always want more but do not take into consideration that there are other people who do not have the same opportunity or who have less.

If you’re continuously centered on stuff you do not have, you are not taking the time to understand what you have at that moment. One manner to exercise gratitude is to write down a listing of factors you’re thankful for and evaluate that listing on a day-by-day basis. Try to write down as a minimum 3 stuff you are thankful for today. Alternatively, you may do a gratitude rampage, in which you write out as much stuff as you may think about in a certain time period.

Woman being grateful

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

– Oprah Winfrey

Probably the most important step to live in the now is – Taking a break from social media and technology

How normally have you ever been doing something else and found yourself checking social media? I’d say this happens more than we actually would like to admit. It’s crucial that you discover ways to keep away from letting tech take over your lifestyle as this may truly save you from being conscious of what goes on around you.

Taking a break from social media and tech can assist you to live present-focused. While you may assume that continuously checking your social media is assisting you to live linked to the world, it’s far from that and is having a terrible impact on your capacity to be present.

Finally a lot easier to say than do is – Stop worrying!

You can’t absolutely admire today in case you fear too much day in and day out. That next day is going to happen whether or not you fear it or not. The sooner you realize that worrying has never accomplished anything for anybody the faster you can place that energy and time into something that really matters for you.

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