7 Ways to be More Present: A Guide to Living in the Moment

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What does “be more present” actually mean?

Being present is being centered on one thing — a conversation, work, a self-project — without looking to be someplace else (distracted), and getting lost in thought.

At a deeper level — and that is what meditation will teach you over time — its a method of being in control of those feelings that we sense. So when you are happy, feel happy, and when you feel all those negative emotions such as, anxiety anger sadness. Feel them and then let go.

Of course, mastering this technique is much more simple saying it than actually doing it, more because we tend to worry about what already happened and what hasn’t happened. Meditation can assist and bridge the distance between feelings from the beyond and eagerness for the future.

woman meditating trying to be more present

Why do we need to create a daily practice of mindful presence

These are three good you want to practice more on mindful presence!

Preventing burnout – We all get burnt out by performing our daily activities and routines so don’t be afraid to ask for vacations at work or to set up some boundaries as well schedule your breaks throughout the day we all need a break from time to time.

By doing this at work we will improve our performance at work and if you haven’t taken some time off to be with your friends and family most likely you are stressed out more than usual. The more stress we receive the harder it is for us sometimes to bring out that creative side of ours!

So, if you haven’t already ask for that time off, you deserve it!

Benefits of Regularly Practicing Mindfulness and Presence

There are tons of benefits to practicing mindfulness and presence

  1. Decreased stress
  2. Improves your creativity
  3. Improves your general health
  4. Helps you not get burnt-out
  5. Improve your sleep
  6. Your well being
  7. Emotions
  8. Attention span

In conclusion:

Start practicing being more mindful and to be more present!

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